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£101,203,601 EuroMillions U.K. Jackpot Winners

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EuroMillions Winners
Dave and Angela Dawes are now the 703rd richest people in the U.K. *

A couple from the United Kingdom claimed the recent £101,203,600.70 (€117,705,979.00) EuroMillions jackpot. The jackpot was won during the Friday 7 October 2011 lottery draw.

Dave (47) and Angela (43) Dawes decided not to stay anonymous and to announce their huge jackpot prize to the world during a media conference held on Tuesday 11 October 2011.

Dave and Angela chose their lucky EuroMillions numbers at random and realised they were the jackpot winners while watching the live EuroMillions show on Friday night (click here to view EuroMillions TV drawings). Their matching lottery numbers were: 18 , 26 , 34 , 38 , 42. The matching lucky star numbers were: 5 and 8.

Dave said: "The EuroMillions draw show came on so we kept watching, not thinking we would win anything. We got our tickets out and watched in shock as, one by one, the numbers came up on the line I'd chosen."

The lucky lottery winners decided they will share up to £20,000,000 of their prize with close family and friends as they wanted to share the joy of being millionaires with them too.

The couple is currently engaged to marry and decided over the weekend to start planning the wedding of their dreams taking place in Portugal in 2012. Angela said during the press conference she now expects Dave to replace her engagement ring with a far more epensive and bigger diamond ring.

In July 2011 another couple from the U.K., Colin and Chris Weir, won a record £161 million (€185 million) playing the EuroMillions lottery game. Colin and Chris Weir also chose their lucky lottery numbers at random.

Large EuroMillions lottery jackpots have also recently been claimed by lottery players from Spain and from France. On 13 September 2011 an anonymous lottery player from France won the EuroMillions rollover jackpot of €162,256,622.

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* Image Credit: Camelot Press Office


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