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$50 million lottery win for two Canadians

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Don (53) and Linda (59) Ingram won the Canada "Lotto Max" lottery jackpot on Friday, 18 November 2011. The couple's net worth has now been boosted by a massive $50,000,000!

Linda has been purchasing lottery tickets for the past 10 years from the same convenience store. She bought four Lotto Max tickets on Thursday last week.

She found out her lottery tickets won a prize on Saturday when she asked the store clerk to check her numbers on the lottery machine. The lottery machine froze and notified them that officials from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation are on their way.

“And that’s how I found it was $50 million,” said Linda. “I almost passed out.” She screamed, jumped up and down in the store and then raced home to her husband of 36 years.

The couple have been working together as chefs for 15 years. They have never owned a house and have recently been struggling to pay bills because of Don's health condition. Buying a house is now definitely on their shopping list.

"We just don't want to pay rent any longer and want to live a comfortable life", added Linda. "We have dreamed of owning our house for a very long time. For all the 36 years that we have been married."

The couple will also not quit from their day job as chefs at the Wally's World restaurant in Oshawa, Canada. "We are absolutely coming back to work here…at least for the next few months", Linda said. Wally Elawar, owner of Wally's World, said he has known the Ingram's for years and nobody deserves the $50 million jackpot win more than Don and Linda.

The Lotto Max jackpot has not been won in weeks prior to Friday's lottery draw. Lotto Max lottery draws take place every Friday evening in Canada.

The winning lottery numbers for Friday 18 November 2011 were 8 , 17 , 27 , 28 , 39 , 44 , 49. The bonus number was 24.

The jackpot was won by matching all 7 main lottery numbers. Three players also won $579,818 each by matching 6 main lottery numbers and the bonus number. See full Lotto Max results.

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Adapted from the Toronto Star Newspaper.


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