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Euromillions lottery winners donate money to political party

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Chris and Colin Weir are the United Kingdom's biggest lottery winners. The couple won the £161 million (€185 million) Euromillions jackpot on 12 July 2011.

It was recently reported that the Weir's have donated a massive £1,000,000 to their favourite political party in Scotland: The Scottish National Party (SNP). This donation is the biggest donation ever received by the SNP.

Colin Weir stated that he once stood as a candidate for the SNP and that the donation to the party was a natural thing to do.

One of the SNP's political objectives is to obtain independence of Scotland from Britain.

Colin's wife, Chris,  said: "Every society, every country should have the right and the opportunity to determine its own path. That’s something I’ve believed in strongly for a long time.”

The couple also plans to donate money to a Scottish elderly care home (Waverley Paddle Steamer). They are also in the process of establishing a charitable trust in order to manage future charitable donations from their £161 million Euromillions fortune.

The Euromillions lottery winners are also buying a big house and a fleet of cars for close family and friends. They also plan to go on fabulous holidays to the far east.

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