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$100,000,000 Jackpot on Friday 9 December 2011

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USA Mega Millions

The estimated jackpot for the next U.S.A. Mega Millions lottery draw (Friday 9 December 2011) is $ 100,000,000 (€ 74,700,000 or £ 64,000,000)!

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Choose your lucky lottery numbers now. The Mega Millions jackpot will be won where your 5 lottery numbers (1 to 56) and your "Mega number" (1 to 46), match the official numbers drawn on Friday 9 December 2011.

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Brian McCarthy

It is possible to win the Mega Millions jackpot! On 1 July 2011, 25 year old Brian McCarthy won the $107 million Mega Millions jackpot. Brian chose his lucky lottery numbers using the 'Quick pick' function, allowing the lottery machine to randomly select the numbers. Brian was a manager with a soft drink company in Virginia, USA.


John Gillen

John Gillen (69) from New York won the $72 million Mega Millions jackpot on 15 April 2011. John chose to share his big jackpot prize with his wife and children.


Mega Millions

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