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€190 million EuroMillions jackpot winners revealed

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Gillian and Adrian Bayford won the £148 million EuroMillions jackpot

The winners of last Friday's (10 August 2012) record EuroMillions jackpot have been revealed.

Gillian (40) and Adrian (41) Bayford won the € 190,000,000148,656,000) jackpot, making them one of the richest people living in the United Kingdom.

The couple lives in the eastern part of the United Kingdom in a town called Haverhill. Mr. Bayford owns a popular music shop in Haverhill which he opened 17 years ago. Mrs. Bayford is employed as a healthcare assistant at a local hospital.


Camelot, the UK lottery operator, has confirmed that the entire lottery prize of £ 148,656,000 has been deposited into the Bayford's bank account.

Mr. Bayford stated during a recent press conference that they realised they had won the jackpot on Friday night. He said: "... I went to check the numbers on my phone, gradually the numbers seemed to match-up with those on my ticket, and I just could not believe what I was seeing. ...Gillian went ballistic!"

Mrs. Bayford spent the entire night deciding on what to buy with their new fortune. One of her immediate purchases will be her dream car, an Audi Q7. Mr. Bayford plans to take the entire family on a holiday to Disney World.

The couple plans to donate money to family and friends, and to support various children's charities.

The EuroMillions game is the most popular lottery game in Europe. Friday's jackpot of € 190,000,000 was the maximum jackpot as determined by the EuroMillions game rules. This jackpot limit has now been increased to € 195,000,000. The jackpot starts at € 15 million, and increases everytime the jackpot is not won (rollover).

It is now possible to play the EuroMillions game online. Play online from anywhere in the world. Click on the link below to buy your EuroMillions lottery ticket. 

Jackpot: 160,000,000

Tuesday 20 February 2018 - 21:30 - Paris, France

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