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Watch Euro Millions Lotto Draws

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The Euro Millions Lotto is a very popular lotto game across Europe. Draws take place weekly on Tuesday and Friday evenings and the results are then communicated to all participating countries which include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

It is possible to view the latest and past Euro Millions draw feeds from the official France Euro Millions website: https://www.fdj.fr/webtv/tirage/jeu/euromillions/numtir(go to the Vidéos section further down the web page). The language of the TV feed is French but you will be able to follow the draw by watching the draw machines.

What is very unique about the Euro Millions live draw is that after the main and lucky star draw machines have generated numbers, the studio system within 10 seconds informs viewers which countries, if any, have generated jackpot winners. You will then be able to immediately tell whether the jackpot has rolled over or not.

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