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The USA SuperLotto Plus is especially popular in the state of California. However, two large internet lotto ticket agents allow lotto players from all over the world to also participate in the SuperLotto over the internet! Lotto ticket agents buy tickets and collect winnings on your behalf.

Click here for our review of the two internet lotto ticket agents we recommend.

SuperLotto Plus draws take place weekly every Wednesday and Saturday. To purchase one entry, players need to choose 5 main numbers ranging from 1 to 47. One additional mega ball number ranging from 1 to 27 also needs to be selected. The odds of winning the smallest prize on offer is 1 in 49 SuperLotto Plus entries!

Our SuperLotto Plus results blog section keeps you updated on the latest SuperLotto Plus results.

You can also visit the California Lottery's Youtube page to view the recorded lotto draws over the internet!

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