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Punter Scoops €147 Million Italy Jackpot (SuperEnalotto)

An Italian scooped one of Europe's biggest lottery wins on 22 August 2009 winning €147 million. The punter bought a €2 SuperEnalotto ticket in a bar in the town of Bagnone, Tuscany, Italy.

The bar's manager, said: "We were watching the football match, where Milan were playing, when someone came in saying that we had won the SuperEnalotto."

The owner of the bar, Vanni Simonetti, said the winner had phoned him to thank him for selling him the winning ticket but had attempted to disguise his voice. "But his accent was unmistakable," he said. "Even though he didn't give his name, I know who he is."

Big Lotto Winner!
Ugo Verni

The winner is said to be Mr. Ugo Verni who is a construction worker, single, in his late forties and lives alone in a modest house.

Mr. Verni stated, while broadly smiling and walking into the village's main square, that he was not the winner.

Italian Jackpot winners very rarely go public in Italy due to fear of local Mafia and abduction.

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