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Pie Factory Workers Win Jackpot (Euro Millions)

A 33-strong syndicate of workers from Palethrope Pie Factory in Market Drayton, UK has joined the upper crust after matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star number to win a mouth-watering £6,750,278.40  share of the EuroMillions jackpot on Friday (17 November 2006).

As no-one across the nine participating EuroMillions countries matched all five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers to win the whole £123,232,395 jackpot, this massive top prize was shared between 20 lucky ticket-holders across Europe who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star number on the next prize level.

Each of the lucky syndicate members in Market Drayton will get £204,553.89, with group leader and Quality Control Officer, Daryl Bowden (55), getting an even bigger slice of the pie – as husband David also was a member.

33 Strong Syndicates Wins Jackpot!
Lucky Pie Factory Syndicate

Daryl explained: "One of my fellow syndicate members called me to say she thought we had got the winning numbers. I didn’t believe her at first. I started checking our 33 Lucky Dip lines, and by line 25 I still hadn’t seen anything and thought she must have been wrong. Then there it was: the third from last line – five numbers and one Lucky Star".

Daryl continued "David checked the ticket and then he starting dancing around. Although I was very tired after a long shift and needed a snooze, I just couldn’t sleep I was so excited. We then started to phone around the other syndicate members."

Daryl said: "A fellow syndicate member suggested we play EuroMillions when it got to £88 million. I didn’t get round to it until the £100 million Rollover though. We didn’t win then but decided to have another go in the next draw anyway – I am so glad we did!"

Both Daryl and David intend to keep on working at the factory but are planning a few holidays, including trips to Jersey and New England. They will also be looking after their family. Other member of the syndicate will be spending their share on holidays, home improvements and new cars.

Daryl bought the winning Lucky Dip® ticket at One Stop, Shrewsbury Road, Market Drayton. The winning EuroMillions numbers on Friday 17 November were 12, 22, 32, 33, 36, and Lucky Star numbers were 2 and 6. Out of the 20 match-five-and-one-Lucky-Star winners across Europe, the UK topped the winners’ table last Friday with seven winning ticket-holders, who all scooped £6.75 million each (£47.25 million altogether) – France was second with four winners, followed by Portugal and Spain with three each, Ireland with two and Belgium with one.

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