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Tips and tricks to play the lottery

We are constantly investigating various tips and tricks for playing the lottery. Please come back regularly to view more tips!

Select Your Lotto Numbers With True Randomness

Selecting your lotto numbers from the web's most popular random number generating website, Random.org, is very easy.


Random.org uses a very interesting system to pick random numbers in the true sense of the word: atmospheric noise. Random.org claims it's system is better than the normal computer calculation of randomness (pseudo-random algorithms).

The atmospheric noise system of Random.org is located at the information technology labs of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and was developed by Dr Mads Haahr of the School of Computer Science and Statistics at the College.

To be honest, we have personally been very lucky with some of Random.org lottery quick pick numbers, especially for the Euro Millions and SuperEnalotto! But do try it out yourself as well.

Click here to visit the Random.org Lotto Quick Pick Page


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